Do you live in Denmark and want to stay there. Are you on your way out of the country, or maybe on your way back home to Denmark. If you are considering making a generation change or perhaps another big decision is on your mind, then we are the right partner for you. We have a very large and impartial network, so you get the best and most optimal wealth solution for you and your family.


ELPS (European Life- and Pension Services TM S.a.r.l.) is approved by the Luxembourg insurance authorities as an insurance agent for OneLife in Luxembourg. See more at http://www.onelife.eu.com. ELPS was granted the license to conduct an agent business on April 1, 2012. The license number of the Luxembourg Insurance Authorities (called CAA) is 2011AG237 and can be found on the CAA website http://www.commassu.lu.


For more than 30 years, ELPS has worked with wealthy individuals, and through this we have built up quite a large and international network within Wealth Management. The network is, of course, quite strong within the Scandinavian which is our “brand”, focusing on wealthy Scandinavian clients. Our primary focus is, of course, because of our Danish origin, the wealthy Danes, ie. counseling of Danish clients living in Denmark, considering moving abroad, domicile abroad or returning to Denmark. ELPS collaborates with more than 40 custodian banks – all independent trustees and “family offices” in Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


ELPS is independent in consulting. Often we are referred directly from our partners, lawyers, accountants and not least our current clients. We work with the best tax experts in the countries concerned.

A few ELPS skills

Here are just a few facts that should make you consider looking in other directions. We can help you with your solution. There is a huge difference between people’s wishes and requirements, but we have the tools to make exactly the solution that is attractive to you and your family.


We work in a 100% secure investment environment. It is regulated by the Luxembourg Insurance Authority. You can choose your own custodian as well as a manager who can be in, for example, Denmark, Luxembourg or a third country.


The investment framework, as defined by the Insurance Supervisory Authority, provides optimal investor protection and at the same time flexibility, compared to other European rules. Investment universe and allocation options depend on your assets and your personal investor profile.


The Insurance Supervisory Authority and the government are proactively cooperating on a rapid and effective implementation of EU directives. This is of great importance to people who choose to move across borders.


For many years we have optimized the wealth of many people. Our vision is to do just that. It is not easy, but “just” moving your fortune out of Denmark means that you, almost certainly, have made money – so we are well in the process of fulfilling our vision – namely to make sure you get the optimum out of your wealth.

ELPS helps you get started

Contact ELPS – we are ready to assist and advise you. Finding the overview can be difficult. There are many rules and laws that vary from country to country … ELPS comes into the picture.

In addition to the countries below (see map), which we consider to be the “core countries” in which we operate most, we also solve tasks in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Dubai / UAE and Asia.